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  1. Fat In the City

    Fat in the City is a fashion blog that celebrates stylish clothing for women with curves. FITC (Fat in the City) is dedicated to promoting positive body image and self esteem through fashion. Your style should not be defined by your size.

  2. DAUFINation

    This blog follows the life of E-K. Daufin, an Educator and Social Change Performance Artist based in Mongomery, AL.

  3. Friend of Marilyn

    This blog is about Cat, a blogger, fat activist and Fat Studies scholar living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

  4. Collateral Damage Survivors

    Collateral damage occurs when something incidental to the intended target is damaged during an attack. In the war on fat these casualties are the real people who suffer due to fat stigma, discrimination, and abuse.

  5. A Bigger Perspective

    This blog is Pastor Brad’s thoughts on life as a fat man, ditching dieting and embracing Fat Acceptance, as well as the ways that Christianity and the Bible reflect on these ideas as well.

  6. Celebreight Yourself

    This size acceptance blog from Toronto resident Gabriela Falarz is a refreshing and amusing take on size acceptance and the issues facing larger people.

  7. Tasty Morsels, the Leftovers Blog

    Leftovers is a unique resource for treating eating disorders and body dissatisfaction by Deah Schwartz, Anne Wilford and Marcia Kimmell. Their work is remarkably therapeutic, humorous and a great way to take one’s journey from body dissatisfaction to body love. Start reading their amazing words of wisdom today!

  8. Medicinal Marzipan

    Medicinal Marzipan is a blog about body image and unconditional self-love, as well as learning to lead a positive and authentic life.

  9. Young, Fat & Fabulous

    Fun loving girl who happens to have a flair for fashion. I’m just trying to change the world one fat girl at a time.

  10. Ample Proportions

    A twenty-something blogger writing about her journey through Fat Acceptance.

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