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“All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.”
James Thurber


I look back and reflect and I am ready to start fresh

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Combating Holiday Weight Shame

If you expect to hear some weight-shaming remarks from family or friends over the holidays, Ragen has some great ideas for how to prepare yourself to deal with it.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Step Away From The Lunch Bag NOW, Big Brother

Whether or not Big Brother really wants to regulate sack lunches, Mary makes important points about why bag lunches are often best suited to meet specific needs.

Posted in: The Mid Section

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Why Don’t We Charge Passengers By Weight?

Ragen makes some interesting points about the impractical and discriminating consequences of charging airline passengers by the pound (including all items traveling with the passsenger).

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Fatima Parker: Activist Extraordinaire!

Dr Deah’s interview with Fatima Parker includes a discussion of the history of the FA movement in Europe and how it has spread throughout the world. Fatima founded the first and only voice of Fat Acceptance in the Arab world.

Posted in: Tasty Morsels

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10 Things More Annoying Than Fat People On a Plane

Air travel gives us a huge opportunity to observe human behavior. Ragen easily identifies 10 passenger behaviors that are annoying because they are so inconsiderate.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Thirteen Year Old Girl Refuses Weigh In

It took courage and belief in her right to privacy for Ireland Hobart Hoch to refuse to be weighed at school. So what happened next?

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Step Away From The Lunch Bag

Body and Food Shame are in the bag and not in a good way. Mary examines the results (and reported results) of a study comparing bag lunches to school-provided lunches.

Posted in: The Mid Section

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Especially when life gets more stressful, remember to calm yourself before eating.
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Having a different body type doesn’t mean you can’t rock a dress you see on a celebrity.
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Personal health care and quality of life might be greatly improved if we banished the BMI.
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Fitness activities can be like sex - if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.

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