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“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”
- Ferdinand Foch


Know your “thing” and call it a “thing”

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Too Fat for the Holidays

The diet companies are ramping up their attempts to convince us that our bodies are not thin enough for the holidays, but we can decide that they aren’t going to succeed. Check out Ragen’s words of inspiration.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Eau No!

Marketing and greed sink to a new level of “What?!” in Japan and now it’s going global.

Posted in: The Mid Section

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Things that Aren’t Bullying

Are we being bullies when we call people out for bullying, stigmatizing, or shaming? This is a common accusation, and a type of tactic.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Know your “thing” and call it a “thing”

Posted in: Balanced Moments

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Marathon Update: Bad Days

How do you cope with bad days? Ragen reminds us that improvement is more of a roller coaster than an escalator.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Of Course Katie Hopkins is Being Ridiculous

Katy Hopkins is trying to justify her bigotry by gaining weight just so she can lose it and prove it’s possible. She whines, “I hate fat people for making me do this.”

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Paying for Our Own Oppression

To buy, or not to buy? When it comes to products that are sold using a weight loss or anti-obesity message, choosing not to buy them makes a statement but it eliminates a lot of choices.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Let your fashion reflect who you are, because your character is what truly makes you beautiful.
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Headlines are designed to grab attention, so investigate the facts before believing the headline.
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Truly give yourself permission to eat until you feel satisfied.
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Pain is a sign that something is wrong, and it’s time to reorganize priorities.

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