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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
- Gandhi


I put my baggage down and welcome change.

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Insights: Forget About the Rules, Let’s Break Taboos!

Patricia is very excited to resume posting about breaking fashion taboos, because she strongly believes that we have the right to wear whatever we want and wear it proudly!

Posted in: Your Fashion Your Way

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If Our Fat is Our Fault

Even if being fat is somehow our fault, wondering how we got to be fat and who we should blame for it does not serve us in any way. Choosing to love your body is a healthy choice.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Big Moment

The winds of change are blowing in Missouri.

Posted in: The Mid Section

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It’s Not About Them

Did you know that you can practice an important form of activism without saying or writing a word about it? Refusing to participate in your own oppression is a powerful form of activism.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Pretending There Are No Fat People

Even if we had any reason to believe that all fat people could become thin, none of them could become thin this minute, which leaves the matter of fat people who need to get to work, access medical care etc.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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I put my baggage down and welcome change.

Posted in: Balanced Moments

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Fat is Not Evidence

People, including physicians, try to claim that our bodies are evidence of unhealthy behaviors, lack of willpower, and lack of self-care. Fat bodies aren’t evidence of anything except that fat bodies exist.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Express view more
Take pride in expressing yourself, rather than hiding due to worrying about what others may think.
Think view more
Strive to find your own voice.
Nourish view more
Get a check of your blood level of vitamin D, so you know if you need to supplement.
Move view more
Trust your body’s feedback rather than treating your body as a limitation to be overcome.

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