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“Interrupting our destructive habits and awakening our hearts is the work of a lifetime.”
- Pema Chodron


How to Stop Beating Yourself up for Not Exercising

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How to Stop Beating Yourself up for Not Exercising

Posted in: Balanced Moments

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Jokes, Both Sides, and the Devil’s Advocate

If you point out that a fat joke is offensive to you, you may hear one of the common responses that Ragen refutes here.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Hater In Chief

One of today’s most influential Fat haters is right in Mary’s territory - Northeast Ohio.

Posted in: The Mid Section

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Blinds to Go Doubles Down On Offensive Ad

Blinds to Go is defending their “Fat Yoga Guy” ad, and saying that it was not intended to be offensive. See exactly what they said, and what Ragen thinks about it.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Can I Question My Healthcare Provider?

How do you feel about questioning your doctor’s recommendations with regard to weight loss? Ragen defends our right to do so, based on the evidence.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Marathon Update: The Insurance Policy

Even if you are not training for a marathon, the idea of movement being a sort of insurance policy might be a good way to apply what Ragen discusses here.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Wearing yellow can brighten up your day!
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We have a right to interact with our doctor in any way that we choose for any reason that we choose.
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Kale is not the only nutritious leafy green vegetable.
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It may help to think of engaging in movement as somewhat like paying insurance premiums.

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