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“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”
- Nido Qubein


I’m curious and open-minded and I see life as an adventure.

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Self-Esteem For Sale

Advertisers prey on our insecurities and try to convince us that normal human conditions (wrinkles, short eyelashes, fatness, etc) need to be fixed. When you familiarize yourself with their strategies, it’s easier to see them for what they are and ignore them.

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Do you realize how strong you are? When you’re fat, just leaving the house is an act of bravery, and liking yourself is a revolutionary act, but both are well worth the effort!

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I’m curious and open-minded and I see life as an adventure.

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Online Dating in a Fat Suit

People are allowed to do what they want including only dating people who look a certain way and using less than accurate pictures on dating profiles, but…

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Cool Story Bro

How about this –  instead of telling stories to justify size-based stigmatizing, stereotyping oppression we could fight it instead.

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In The Thin And Thick Of It

These week, Mary talks with an expert on teen girls and body image – a teen girl.

Posted in: The Mid Section

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Doctors Don’t Get To Be Everybody

Doctors should know better  than “everybody,” right? This blog is chock full of useful information for combating weight stigma in your doctor’s office.

Posted in: Dances With Fat

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Accessories are a great way to enjoy seaonal trends without breaking your budget.
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The only kind of healthcare that makes sense is blame free, shame free, and future oriented.
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Structuring eating into meals and “official” snacks helps to avoid eating too impulsively.
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Think of movement as a reward you give to your body for being wonderful.

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