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Nobody can do without food, and nobody should try. Feed Your Life is a blog about providing yourself with the nourishment that will help your body feel and function better. And remember, nutrition and feeding your life aren't just about food - we require many kinds of nourishment, and this blog will cover those as well.

“If I listen to my body I will never stop eating!”

“I ate myself sick last night. What’s wrong with me?”

“I just have no control when it comes to food.”

Comments like these fill my office space weekly and the minds of many others daily. It’s a common misconception that if you struggle with overeating or binging there is something wrong with you as person, and clearly your body can’t be trusted. I’ve found (and a growing body of evidence supports) this to be as false as the world being flat. 

I believe anyone can learn, and actually remember, how to eat in-line with your body’s needs.

Enlist connection and acceptance instead of self-depreciation when it comes to overeating. Connect to the moment, your body and your food FULLY both as you decide what to eat and in the process of enjoying your meal or snack. Notice the gradual shifts in stomach sensations as eating progresses. 

We often come to a point where we know we are physically full in body but still want to keep eating. Now bring in the acceptance. An affirmation I often use is, “My body has simply had enough.” If you get distracted by thoughts to keep eating in spite of body fullness, redirect the mind to the breath and the comfortable state of being physically satisfied.

Know that your body appreciates your efforts to work with it. 

Julie Norman, nicknamed "The Body Image Guru" by clients, guides women to live authentically healthy lives through peaceful body image, intuitive eating and mindful movement. She blends professional nutrition guidance with the wisdom of yoga to help women transform the ways in which they care for and experience their bodies. She is the creator of Body Karma Healing, a yoga-based program intended to help women transform their body image from painful to peaceful. Julie believes healing individual body image pain helps us heal the world! Check out Julie's exclusive offer for MOMTL Members HERE.

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Give some thought to what makes a meal satisfying to you.
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Wear what YOU like, what makes YOU happy, what feels good to YOU.
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Your worthiness of respect is not size-dependent.
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If you are sedentary, adding even a few minutes of body movement a day may add years to your life.